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Handy Man in Rock Hill has the skills and tradesmen to tackle any plumbing job you need. Whether you have a clogged toilet, a leaky pipe, or a flood inside your home, you can count on us to get it fixed FAST. 


Plumbing is very important to the functioning of a home, particularly the heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Plumbing repairs are also very important to your home’s appearance as well. When your home is damaged or appears to be a little off-key because of some kind of damage, you can call a handyman service, and they can come and make changes to improve the condition of your home in no time at all.


When it comes to plumbing repairs, it depends upon the problem, whether it is a leaky pipe clogged drain or any other type of damage, that the technician will need to be able to repair. Some types of repairs are extremely dangerous and it is important to hire a handyman who is qualified and certified to work in this field.


As professional plumbers, can provide the plumbing services, including drain cleaning, replacement of valves, pipes, and other parts, but he will also need to be able to do some basic handiwork such as putting a drain back into its proper position or removing clogs. or removing spouts, if there is any. He will be able to provide general repairs such as changing faucets, adding new seals and also fixing faulty pipes in order to give your home the look like new again.

Sometimes fixing a leak or burst pipe is not enough. Most of the time, water damage comes as a result of the unexpected repair. For this reason, we also offer sheetrock repair and painting services to assist with getting your home back to its original state. 


There are many companies that provide DIY plumbing services, including some that specialize in house washing and do it yourself (DIY) plumbing repair. We know it’s a tough choice when it comes to choosing who you will hire. Because of that, we value customer relationships and guarantee you will be our top priority. 

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