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Handyman in Rock Hill not only offers a variable of service such as electrical and plumbing, but we also offer drywall repair. We know how quickly accidents can happen. From denting the wall while moving furniture, or that import in the wall when you decided to let your children roller skate in the house. No matter how big or small the job is, Handyman in Rock Hill is qualified to take care of it. We repair gypsum boar in the wall, sheetrock in the ceiling, and even to custom drywall repair services. From small patches to large replacements, our techs have years of experience in finishing, sanding, and walking about proud of their work. We also partner with Metro-Meck Drywall Inc 5316 Allen Rd E, Charlotte, NC 28269 803-448-9619 https://metro-meck-drywall-inc.business.site/ Located here:   Many people in Rock Hill, SC are looking for a handyman because sheetrock repair and other woodworking jobs are in short supply in the area. Fact is, there are not that many sheetrock professionals in Rock Hill. That’s why we at Handyman in Rock Hill vow to not only deliver professional services but to give you the customer service you deserve.

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